Acoustic Paintings

Robert's paintings are often inspired by music, and in particular the band the Jesus and Mary Chain. Robert is also influenced by paintings that explore colour such as the works by the artists Pollock and Rothko. But he did not just want to recreate these paintings and so began looking at a way of using colour in a more contemporary context.

The Jesus and Mary Chain wrote pretty "Beach Boys" like pop songs but then covered them with noise and distortion and feedback. In a similar fashion Robert painted pretty paintings and then covered them with black and white "Distortion Forms", a visual metaphor for the noise and distortion used by the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Sometimes Robert leaves the paintings without the black and white "Distortion Forms" and he calls these his Acoustic Paintings, as they are a little like music played on a simple acoustic guitar without and effects pedals, noise or feedback. These are more simple stripped down paintings.

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