Cowper Road

Cowper Road

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Cowper Road2010, digital print on Hanemuhle Fine Art paper, 40cm x 54cm, Limited edition of 50

An original limited edition print by the artist Robert Dunt.

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A limited edition digital print of the backgarden of the house the artist Robert Dunt used to live in. This digital print comes from an original pencil drawing that the artist Robert Dunt when he lived there.

Robert then scanned the pencil drawing into photoshop and coloured the picture there. So the final work is only produced physically once it is printed out.

In the work Robert focuses on a few contrasts, such as the flat colour and shape of the fences and, and the wildly squiggled foliage and brightly green coloured foliage. 

This print, and the others in the series, called the Orchid Suite, were inspired by Picasso's Vollard Suite. 

In Picasso's Vollard Suite, Picasso often sets up image between an artist, his model and the work he has produced. It is as if the work the artist has made is a reflection of the model he has copied. There is a poetic strand in these works about the real and the reflection, as the artist is often seen to be gazing at both the model and the work he has produced.

Robert's Orchid Suite looks to make similar poetic comments.