"Blue and Yellow Distortion" Limited Edition Print
"Blue and Yellow Distortion" Limited Edition Print

"Blue and Yellow Distortion" Limited Edition Print

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Blue and Yellow Distortion, 2018, digital print from original painting on matt Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper, Paper size - 40cm x 54cm - Image size 36 x 45, Ltd Ed of 50

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This is a limited edition giclee print by Robert Dunt produced from a small abstract acrylic painting he made. 

Robert has always liked handmade prints, and he produced this print himself by scanning a small painting. Giclee prints are often made by photographing a painting which can result in a loss of quality from the original.

But by making a small painting and then scanning it at a high resolution a very high quality print can be produced that retains the vivid colours and texture of the original painting.

The print features Robert's trademark "Distortion Forms". 

Robert's "Distortion Form" paintings and prints are inspired by music, and in particular the band the Jesus and Mary Chain. Robert was influenced by paintings that explored colour such as the works by the artist Partick Heron who worked prominently in the 1970s. But he did not just want to recreate these paintings and so began looking at a way of using colour in a more contemporary context.

The Jesus and Mary Chain wrote pretty "Beach Boys" like pop songs but then covered them with noise and distortion and feedback. In a similar fashion Robert painted pretty "Patrick Heron" like paintings and then covered them with black and white "Distortion Forms", a visual metaphor for the noise and distortion used by the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Though inspired by music these paintings are rooted in the visual, and work on making original colour combinations. The paintings also reference the act of seeing, the freneticism of some sections of the paintings referencing visual experiences such as looking at, and through, the branches of tress as they shake in the wind. Like all Robert's paintings the aim is to give the viewer greater visual pleasure of the the world and the colours they see in it.

This is a great and affordable way to begin collecting Robert's work.

Paper size - 40cm x 54cm - Image size 36 x 45

All prints are signed and numbered on the front and ship with a certificate of authenticity. From an edition of 50.

The print ships unframed in a tube.