Distortion Space

Distortion Space

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Distortion Space, 2007, oil on canvas, 170 x 170cm

An original oil painting by the artist Robert Dunt.

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How can colour be explored in a contemporary fine art context? Robert's body of work, and in particular his “dripping distortion form” paintings and 'electricity' paintings, are the result of his examination of this question. He made explorations in a number of different directions as diverse research seemed the only way to explore fine art in a contemporary culture that moves seamlessly from art to television, to music, to film.

This line of inquiry began when he started making musical metaphor paintings about the band The Jesus and Mary Chain. They wrote pretty three chord Beach Boys like pop songs and then layered them with feedback, white noise and distortion. The paintings he made had colourful hard edged cubist-like retro backgrounds that he first covered with resin and then with loose curved black and white “distortion forms” which stood as the musical metaphor for the white noise and feedback.